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When former president George W. Bush was in office, he retreated to the Prairie Chapel Ranch in Texas. John F. Kennedy spent time at the Kennedy Compound in Massachusetts during his tenure. Preferring warmer weather, Harry S. Truman often stayed at a place that came to be known as the Little White House in Florida. Throughout history, U.S. presidents have found ways to get away from Washington — that’s nothing new.

What is new, though, is scale: President Trump frequents his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, has a triplex penthouse in Trump Tower in downtown Manhattan and has his last name emblazoned on dozens of properties around the world.

What does it take to secure these properties? And if Trump continues to retreat to Mar-a-Lago with some regularity, what’s the cost to the American taxpayer?

The Post’s Jenna Johnson helps us answer these questions in today's episode. Plus, we delve into the mystique of the White House, the politics of presidential travel and how Trump is challenging some long-standing norms of the highest office in the country.

Here's the latest episode of The Post’s new podcast, “Can He Do That?”

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