Since the election, President Donald Trump has pledged that he will donate his $400,000 per year presidential salary to charity. So far, he's already been paid $66,000, and none has gone to charity. Washington Post's David Fahrenthold will be keep track to see if Trump follows through on promises his camp has made. We'll get back to you every month. (Alice Li,Julio Negron/The Washington Post)

Before Donald Trump took office, the president and those close to him made three big promises to give money away.

Trump said he'd give away his $400,000 presidential salary.

His company, the Trump Organization, said it would give away any profits earned when its hotels did business with foreign governments.

And President Trump's inaugural committee said it would give away all its leftover money, after the inauguration's bills were paid.

Today, The Washington Post is launching a series of video reports, which will keep track of those charitable promises -- and try to find proof that those promises being kept.

In the first video in the "Tracking Trump's Promises" series, Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold provides an update on Trump's salary, and his offer to let the White House press corps choose the charity that will receive it.