President Trump is working a long weekend from his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., a trip that the White House claims saves taxpayers money, though it is estimated to cost the government and local authorities hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Trump touted his visit to the golf club on Twitter on Friday, claiming that the visit “also saves country money!” compared with the cost of staying at Trump Tower in New York City.

Of course, remaining in Washington would save even more money. The White House is already a secure facility, and Trump would not need to use Air Force One and the federal government would not spend more to house, feed and pay agents for additional security outside of Washington.

Asked why the president does not work from Washington, deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dodged the question.

“Had he stayed in Manhattan, the disruption would have been far greater than being in New Jersey,” Sanders said. “The bottom line is that the president is the president no matter where he goes.

“I think he’s trying to save the taxpayer money the best way he can by taking his team and focus and being in New Jersey instead of being in New York, where it would have caused a much greater disruption and a much greater cost to taxpayers.”

Trump arrived in New Jersey on Thursday night after attending a gala dinner in New York City earlier in the evening. He is expected to remain at Bedminster until Sunday, making it the eighth weekend he has spent outside Washington and at one of his private clubs since being sworn into office. It is his first weekend spent in New Jersey as president.

Trump's stays at his properties outside of Washington cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in security costs.

The White House has said that the president works on his trips out of the office, but he has been spotted by club-members and photographers hitting the links on the golf course during his visits to his Florida clubs Mar-a-Lago and the Trump International Golf Club.