President Trump on Friday sought to raise campaign money off his characterization of a probe into possible collusion with Russia as a “witch hunt” — the latest in a series of attempts to parlay his political troubles into cash.

“What you’re seeing in the news is a WITCH HUNT,” said a fundraising solicitation seeking $1 donations. “But the real victim isn’t me. It’s YOU and the millions of other brave Americans who refused to bow down to Washington by voting for REAL CHANGE last November.”

Trump first described himself as the victim of a “witch hunt” on Twitter on Thursday morning, a day after the Justice Department appointed a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between Trump associates and the Russian government to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

Since then, the headlines have only gotten worse for the president, who departed Friday on his first overseas trip. Those included a report by The Washington Post on Friday that the ongoing law enforcement investigation has identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest.

The solicitation says Trump is a victim of “Democrat hacks posing as journalists and unelected bureaucrats.”

Trump pledged to “never back down” and asks for contributions from “someone I trust.” Donations are being steered to a joint fundraising committee between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Friday’s solicitation followed closely on the heels of an announcement by the campaign that it had experienced a one-day record of digital fundraising on Wednesday, pulling in more than $314,000. The campaign said that figure was “a reflection of support” by the American people at a time when Trump is under attack.

“The American people are with the President stronger than ever before,” Michael Glassner, the executive director of Trump’s campaign committee, said in a statement. “I know the President deeply appreciates their support of him as he continues to fight the mainstream media and the establishment forces working together against him in Washington.”

The campaign said the one-day total represented combined efforts by the campaign and the joint committee with the RNC.

As part of the campaign’s solicitation efforts, Trump sent text messages to his followers earlier this week asking for donations because “they are trying to SABOTAGE us!”

“I will completely DRAIN THE SWAMP,” Trump said in the text. “I trust you are with me. FIGHT BACK.”