Friday, President Trump is headed to Miami to announce his decision on a new U.S.-Cuba policy. On the campaign trail, Trump called the Obama administration's moves to restore relations with Cuba “a bad deal” and tweeted a threat to “terminate it.”

But how many of the steps President Barack Obama took to thaw our relationship with Cuba could Trump actually undo? Which policies, if any, are irreversible? And perhaps most important, what might be the consequences of rolling back pieces of U.S.-Cuba normalization?

Senior national security correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner Karen DeYoung is on "Can He Do That?" this week to answer these questions. Plus, Julia Sweig, senior research fellow at the University of Texas and the author of  several books, including “Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know," explains the complicated history of the U.S.-Cuba relationship.  And Mark Feierstein, who helped negotiate the December 2014 opening of relations with Cuba as the senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs in Obama’s National Security Council, gives us an inside look at exactly how we got here with Cuba.

Each week, ‘Can He Do That?’ examines the powers and limitations of the American presidency, focusing on one area where Trump is seemingly breaking precedent. We answer the critical questions about what today’s news means for the future of the highest office in the nation.

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