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When President Trump signed an executive action earlier this month to strengthen work requirements for people on government assistance, he was sending a message.

"This definitely signals where the administration is going, and it shouldn't be a surprise," Washington Post business reporter Tracy Jan said this week. "It's very basic common Republican orthodoxy."

On this week's episode of the "Can He Do That?" podcast, we're talking about "Welfare Reform 2.0," President Trump's push to curb Americans' dependence on the social safety net.

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How are these requirements working out in the states where they’re already in practice? And why is this a focus of the Trump administration?

Jan walks us through some of the proposals on the table, and where they fit into the larger political narrative.

And we talk to national political reporter Robert Samuels, who went to Wisconsin to talk with people who receive government assistance and are facing some of these new requirements.

"There's a fundamental disagreement in this country about what it means to be poor. Are these people who aren't trying hard enough, or don't know how to try?" Samuels says on the podcast. "Or are there people who have gotten a bad break, and have had to battle institutional issues that they can't fully handle themselves?"

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