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When President Trump announced his plans to back out of the Iran nuclear deal, The Washington Post's State Department reporter John Hudson had an immediate reaction: It was a classic Trump move.

"There was a lot of pomp and circumstance and fanfare," Hudson says on the "Can He Do That" podcast, "and at the end, he chose a very dramatic move that was really sort of outside the bounds of what we normally think of as America's role in foreign policymaking."

On this week's episode of "Can He Do That," we talk about Trump's decision to back out of the landmark agreement of the President Barack Obama era and how it will affect his standing on the global stage.

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What happens next? How will other foreign leaders respond? And what does this decision say about Trump's approach to foreign policy?

"I think that the impact of what the president did today was not just isolated to the Iran issue," said Kelly Magsamen, vice president of national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress. "I think it's going to have lasting effects on how America — how the world — sees American diplomacy, and the credibility of that diplomacy."