SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — As has been noted before, President Trump attacks the “failing New York Times” and other legacy news outlets even though he appears to at times crave their endorsement, considering he came up in a pre-Internet era of print behemoths.

Another sign of this came Friday on Air Force One as the president traveled to a Republican fundraiser here, a day after he declared on Twitter that “THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS THE OPPOSITION PARTY.”

Midway through the flight, a presidential aide entered the press corps cabin in the rear of the jet holding a newspaper clipping from the Times. She handed it to Tom Brenner, a Times freelancer who had traveled with Trump on a trip to Fort Drum, N.Y, on Monday.

The clip included a photo of Trump boarding the presidential jet with a cloud of smoke in the background from a ceremonial cannon shot during Trump’s visit. Trump, the aide explained, was interested in obtaining a print of the photo.

The president appeared to have underlined Brenner’s name under the photo and drawn an arrow to it. The photographer agreed to look into getting a copy for the president.

Trump is known for signing messages of praise or criticism to reporters on their stories and sending the notes to them with his signature in his distinctive cursive. It wasn’t the first time Trump has admired photos of himself by Times’s photo staff. He also has retweeted photos by veteran Times photographer Doug Mills.