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Can the United States focus on China while countering Russia?

Will the urgent overtake the important yet again?

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 18, 2022

On the question of Russian humiliation

There is no graceful end to Russia’s debacle in Ukraine. And that’s fine.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 18, 2022

Crypto R.I.P.?

Cryptocurrencies are down for the count. Will they bounce back?

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 16, 2022

Why don’t Americans care about the pandemic anymore?

One million have died of covid-19, but the country appears ready to move on. Why?

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 16, 2022

What don’t we know about the war in Ukraine?

Russia has struggled in its invasion of Ukraine. That does not mean it will lose.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 11, 2022

This column will not live forever … or will it?

A few thoughts on whether one's writing can live on for centuries.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 11, 2022

Russia’s possible futures

2022 has been a dark year for the Russian Federation. That does not mean a new Cold War.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 10, 2022

America’s loose lips on Ukraine

Maybe U.S. officials should stop talking about the war in Ukraine for a spell.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 8, 2022

Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Is that a big deal?

On Twitter and the public sphere.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 5, 2022

Tucker Carlson’s bizarre theory of the war in Ukraine

It takes a lot of effort to be this wrong. You have to want it.

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 3, 2022

The re-Sovietization of Russia

How far can Vladimir Putin lead his country back to the days of the U.S.S.R.?

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 3, 2022

Five ways of looking at nuclear escalation in Ukraine

Will the war in Ukraine spill over into the use of nuclear weapons?

By Daniel W. DreznerMay 2, 2022

Sanctioning Russia and the future of the dollar

Welcome to the 2022 version of a 30-year-old argument.

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 28, 2022

Ukraine and the future of war

The war in Ukraine is dragging out. Could this lead to a more peaceful future?

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 27, 2022

What are the policy trade-offs in containing Russia?

On trading off values for interests — and other values.

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 25, 2022

‘Gun-at-work laws’ violate the property rights of business owners

I support the Second Amendment. But the “right to exclude" is “one of the most treasured” rights associated with property ownership, according to the Supreme Court.

By Ilya SominApril 25, 2022

Covering the French election, framing matters

Emmanuel Macron won easily. Or he “staved off” defeat. Pick your headline!

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 25, 2022

What would Trump’s second-term foreign policy look like?

Maybe Trump would not pull out of NATO and other international bodies if elected in 2025. But he would try.

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 21, 2022

When Latino immigration rises, Whites view Black Americans more warmly

A new study reveals a zero-sum dynamic in how White Americans view members of minority groups.

By Vasiliki Fouka and Marco TabelliniApril 20, 2022

What Thucydides teaches us about the current state of world politics

Thucydides was a realist. He was other things as well.

By Daniel W. DreznerApril 20, 2022