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White House aides can’t stop talking about President Trump like he’s a toddler [UPDATED]

The Trump-as-toddler Twitter thread, explained and curated

[UPDATE: this post will be updated occasionally with additions to the Trump-as-toddler meme. Scroll to the bottom for the more recent additions.]

It started, as all 2017 stories about American politics started, with a garden-variety snarky tweet:

The point of the tweet was to push back on the occasional impulse by Very Serious People to claim that some speech or act by Donald Trump proved that he was “growing into the presidency.” The hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts has been examining Trump’s words and actions for the 2016 presidential campaign and thought this was nonsense. Hence the tweet.

The thing is, it quickly became clear that the evidence that Trump was not growing into the presidency was hiding in plain sight. Barely a week or even a day could pass without someone with access to Trump telling the news media in no uncertain terms the ways in which he was unfit for office. So I decided to keep adding to the thread.

Which brings us to today. While Twitter followers can find the thread when I add to it, the functionality of Twitter is not ideal for finding it. Therefore, I have decided to curate this thread here at Spoiler Alerts as well. Below are all the tweets in this thread, in order. Every week I will update this post to include any additional tweets.

For those of you eager to contribute to the Toddler-in-Chief thread, here are my stringent criteria for inclusion:

  1. The example has to be sourced from an ally of Trump. It doesn’t matter if Democrats or pundits describe the president as having the emotional maturity of a toddler. That’s just partisan politics or conventional wisdom. No, what makes these stories stand out is that these descriptions are coming from fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill in the cabinet or loyal treaty allies or — most often — from within Trump’s own White House staff. The point is, this is how Trump’s most trusted advisers view Trump.
  2. The example has to come from a mainstream media news source. No Infowars or RT here, thank you very much.
  3. Keep repeats to a minimum. Sometimes there’s a big enough event such that multiple tick-tocks appear, and sometimes they offer up the same anecdote or description. I have tried not to add echoes to a single story onto the thread, although sometimes enough new information appears to merit inclusion.

One last point: All I’m doing is curating these stories. The real credit goes to the myriad reporters who have wrested these anecdotes and quotes from individuals who, in all likelihood, genuinely want this president to succeed. Yet, in their heart of hearts, they know that the commander in chief of America’s armed forces has the oppositional nature of a 3-year old.

In order, here are the 71 78 88 97 115 139 146 156 170 182 200 217 232 278 320 tweets I’ve logged on this thread since April 25, 2017: