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The normally risk-averse Florida senator shifts toward embracing more gun control measures in a move that could mark an inflection point for the GOP.

Survivors, politicians and gun lobbyists discuss which actions should follow the Parkland shooting to prevent others.

Democrats angling for the 2020 presidential nomination stand in stark contrast to those running for Congress in areas where a hunting license is ingrained in the culture.

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Some students are attracting political attacks. Established groups are distancing themselves from students to avoid tainting them in a divided political environment.

President Trump and Vice President Pence will address the Conservative Political Action Conference. Other officials will focus on the administration’s record.

The request, just days after the Justice Department indicted Russians for meddling in the 2016 elections, signals that Democrats believe it's a politically palatable issue to be touting during contentious spending talks. 

Rep. Mike Coffman confronts Colorado constituents eager for action after endless mass shootings. They want gun control. His preference: “Force has to be met with force.”

Rubio drew special attention when he said the 2016 Orlando shooting was a life-altering event and then ran for reelection. His Senate record on guns has drawn scrutiny.

In 2016, as Donald Trump won Kentucky by the biggest margin of any Republican presidential candidate in history, Belcher lost her seat by just 156 votes to Republican pastor Dan Johnson.

“We’re going to take a swing at that and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it,” said Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pa.)

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