The two parties signaled how they planned to present radically different interpretations of the president’s actions and whether they were impeachable.

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So far Republicans have tilted toward arguing about process, but they keep getting pulled back toward fighting about the facts, particularly whenever Trump chimes in.

His decision immediately put his Long Island seat near the top of Democratic target lists at a time when suburban voters continue to trend away from Republicans.

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The former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee becomes the 20th House Republican to decline to seek reelection in 2020.

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Televised hearings offer investigators a third bite of the media apple after details about the testimony from witnesses and the release of transcripts.

Republicans are questioning whether Sondland, Giuliani and Mulvaney were representing the president’s interest or freelancing to pursue their own agendas.

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Tuesday’s wins for Democrats, especially in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Northern Virginia, strengthened their political spines.

The “pay gap” figure used in debates over federal employee salaries has shrunk a bit for reasons that are unclear.

Behind closed doors, party leaders are sketching out how they plan to use a series of blockbuster hearings to argue for Trump’s removal from office.

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The California Democrat, a rising star in the party, acknowledged an inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer but denied involvement with a congressional aide.

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