While dissident Democrats scrambled to find an alternative to Pelosi, the woman who has led the party for 16 years methodically worked to undermine the opposition.

The measures stood as a sharp rebuke of Mohammed bin Salman and President Trump, who has defended the crown prince following the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Gov. Doug Ducey has made no firm decision as he awaits word from appointed Sen. Jon Kyl, but the McSally campaign’s post-election memo undercut her standing.

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Sen. James M. Inhofe said he was not involved in the decisions to buy Raytheon stock, and has instructed his financial adviser to steer clear of defense and aerospace companies.

The measure — Congress’s first major policy change since the start of the #MeToo movement — was approved unanimously after nearly seven months of negotiations.

The Democrat, who is likely to become speaker next month, also cautioned that the process is “a little more challenging than you might think.”

  • Analysis

Regardless of the motives, rank-and-file senators have employed a mix of unique techniques, old-fashioned threats and insider persuasion to spark debates that had been previously blocked or delayed.

The longtime House Democratic leader is now on track to claim the speaker’s gavel for second time on Jan. 3.

More than half a dozen lawmakers resigned in the past year amid allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct. In addition to secret taxpayer-funded settlements, the current process involves mandatory counseling, mediation and “cooling off” periods for accusers.

  • Perspective

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government report for 2018, the first full year examined under the Trump administration, shows a significant decline in employee engagement under the president's leadership.

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