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The Vermont senator and nine guests discussed the need to bring about single-payer health care, its benefits to business and its implementation around the world.

House Freedom Caucus sought to enlist Trump’s help in publicizing memo critical of the FBI.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) released the texts on the same day as he demanded the Justice Department’s inspector general tell Congress why five months of texts are missing

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“As tough as it’s been to juggle motherhood and the demands of being in the House and now the Senate, it’s made me more committed to doing this job,” the senator said in an interview.

The House Ethics Committee is investigating the Pennsylvania Republican, who said he never sought a sexual relationship with the woman who worked for him at the time.

Many lawmakers are unfamiliar with basic legislating, with Congress settling into a routine of concentrating on the immediate ticking time bomb.

Following past practice, the bill ending the partial government shutdown requires that those put in unpaid status be paid as normal.

"We will attack Conor Lamb, we will define Conor Lamb,” said Corry Bliss, the CLF's executive director, referring to the Democratic nominee who has made the election closer than Republicans would like.

President Trump signed the spending bill Monday evening that will fund the government through Feb. 8.

Like Republicans before them, Democrats learn the limits of their leverage.

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