The House is expected to pass the measure, but its prospects in the GOP-controlled Senate are uncertain.

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The latest report from the inspector general is enough for District Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) to declare she is "fed up.” She plans to call for congressional hearings into the facility, which has been dogged by difficulties for years.

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Some Democrats are searching for candidates with a fresh face and interesting backgrounds that are short on legislative voting records.

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Republican leaders have courted Trump’s secretary of state to return to his home state to seek the seat held by the retiring Sen. Pat Roberts (R).

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The 35-day partial government shutdown exacerbated serious problems afflicting the IRS, according to a report from the National Taxpayer Advocate. The day before the shutdown ended, for example, “over 5 million pieces of mail that had not been batched for processing."

The independent from Vermont, the runner-up to Hillary Clinton in 2016, faces a diverse field of announced candidates, many of whom have adopted the policies that set him apart in his last campaign.

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Pelosi is leading a group of newly elected Democrats eager to calm the fears of allies. Along with several GOP lawmakers, they are following in the footsteps of the late senator John McCain.

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Was it worth all the difficulties caused by President Trump's 35-day shutdown that resulted in a big political loss for him? Trump thinks so, but no rational person does.

The measure was sponsored by the Senate’s three African American members — Harris, Booker and Republican Tim Scott. The House is expected to pass the bill and send it to Trump.

A budget measure set for final voting in Congress would grant federal employees an average 1.9 percent raise retroactive to Jan. 6, while pay for senior political appointees would increase for the first time since 2010.

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