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There was no big rally at the Capitol, because the activism in districts was seen as more effective.

The opposition continued despite President Trump’s ultimatum: Vote for the bill, or reject it and move on. The House Rules Committee approved the revised legislation early Friday.

“So, we just pulled it,” Trump said of he bill he had touted.

More than two years after being fired, Sandra Black has been vindicated and is receiving justice. But questions remain.

Republicans will try again to get a vote on health care, but do they have enough support?

Most Democrats were not convinced that Friedman’s concerted efforts during his confirmation hearing to walk back some of his more vitriolic comments were enough to recommend him for the post.

The announcement casts doubt on the Republican strategy to win passage of the Obamacare overhaul bill on the promise that big reforms will come later.

The former president and some Obama administration officials focus on the positives as they look back.

"Seven-figure fund” supplements an ongoing online campaign that's thanking lawmakers who've promised to oppose the American Health Care Act.

With a new program called “Doggy Days at Interior,” Secretary Ryan Zinke's agency will join a growing group of pet-friendly workplaces.

Also: The latest on health care and Gorsuch's confirmation hearings.

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