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The Indian Health Service will be exempt from President Trump's hiring freeze, but many problems remain for the agency.

Protesters bring signs and questions for Rep. Jim Jordan.

Government employees of all political stripes scramble for guidance about what kind of political expression is permissible in the Trump era.

The chairman of the American Conservative Union, the conference's sponsor, said that the invitation would "be accompanied by controversy."

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley has quit the race.

Prepare for a busy couple of weeks.

Pressed on the comparison to the run-up to World War II — a reference that could easily be interpreted as a reference to Nazi Germany — Crowley backed off only slightly.

He joins every member of the House Democratic Caucus in co-sponsoring the bill, which would set up a 12-member panel, evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

Just 19 Republican members of Congress have scheduled traditional town halls over the week-long recess.

Two House subcommittees joined forces for Republicans to hit what they consider to be abuses of “official time,” the system that allows government labor organization officials to engage in certain, but certainly not all, union-related activities while being paid by federal agencies.

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