“We will remain clear-eyed with respect to our unity of purpose,’’ five House leaders said in a statement Thursday. Pelosi is to meet next week with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

The Houston city councilwoman, an African American and a millennial, says she is the best candidate to galvanize her party’s base.

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The House last week approved the first federally funded paid family medical leave program, but with almost no Republican support. Now its fate in the Senate is uncertain.

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In a television interview broadcast Wednesday, the freshman lawmaker said there is not a “fundamental fracture” between the House speaker and four liberal minority congresswomen.

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GOP lawmakers expressed slight disapproval of racist remarks from the president.

Monday’s votes on steps to crack down on human rights abuses are expected to face stiff odds in the Senate.

Rep. Al Green (Tex.) said, “I will not tolerate the level of bigotry emanating from the president.”

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While the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund has been in debt since 1979, its financial situation is increasingly bleak. The trust fund’s penury is exacerbated this year’s 55 percent decrease in the coal tax, declining coal production and coal company bankruptcies.

Up to 12 weeks of leave available for parental or other family purposes would switch from unpaid to paid time under an amendment attached to defense-spending bill.

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The speaker’s strategy worked in 2007-2008 as Democrats won the White House, setting the stage for major legislation.

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