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It remains to be seen whether the growing drumbeat for reform — from some Republicans, from major corporations, from President Trump and from the country overall — will change a long-standing resistance within the GOP.

Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.) faces a liberal challenger and a groundswell of opposition that includes several members of his own delegation..

New court-drawn map in Pennsylvania gives Democrats shot at a four-seat gain — maybe more. Those numbers would put them on a path toward the 24 needed for House control.

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The DCCC was clear: It considers Laura Moser a weak candidate. The response? A bump in donations to her campaign.

Video shows Georgia state Rep. Betty Price telling a cyclist's widow she voted against a bill because her colleagues did not accept her version.

The 19 lawmakers are members of the moderate Tuesday Group. And Democrats aim to revive the assault weapons ban.

The Missouri GOP says the case against its governor is a liberal fantasy backed by the politically active billionaire.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has seen plenty of candidates brought down by residence issues, has come to view Laura Moser as unelectable.

The Trump administration’s budget request for fiscal 2018 included a decrease of 6,132 Bureau of Prisons slots. The 2019 budget request calls for a decrease of 1,168.

Conservatives at their annual gathering warned about Democrats winning the House and Senate in the midterm — and the impeachment threat to President Trump

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