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With Sens. John McCain and Rand Paul both no’s, Senate Republicans cannot afford any more GOP defections.

Community Catalyst Action Fund is investing six-figures in a radio ad campaign designed to defeat Cassidy-Graham.

The awards reveal the incredible work of federal workers generally, protecting people at home and abroad, inventing and innovating major technological breakthroughs and improving life for millions.

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If Trump decides Iran is not in compliance, Congress has only 60 days to decide on sanctions.

It's an arrangement that surprised some of Sanders's Democratic colleagues.

As GOP leaders urgently sought the support of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the bill's language has come under fresh scrutiny.

Over the August recess, Republicans faced confrontations with some of their closest supporters, donors and friends — at meetings with local business executives, at church, at parks.

The independent-minded Republican isn’t convinced the current bill is good for her state. But the latest in a long line of transactional politicians isn't a definite ‘no,’ either.

The block-grant proposal at the center of Cassidy-Graham is astoundingly unpopular.

Former president Barack Obama said Wednesday that any effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be “inflicting real human suffering” on Americans.

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