Nancy Pelosi's push for support in her bid to become House speaker appears to be yielding results.

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“This is not reflective of the American public,” said New York Rep. Elise Stefanik as the dwindling number of GOP congresswomen try to win over female voters.

The two-term Massachusetts congressman has become a top enemy of liberals on and off Capitol Hill while he’s angered colleagues after House Democrats’ big electoral win.

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There’s new momentum in the House to investigate whether Trump used the military to score political points.

The vote takes place in January, “so I’m not in a rush,” the Ohio congresswoman said.

The proposed rule change follows the first female Muslim members being elected to Congress.

The Judiciary Committee chair has just a few weeks left to order witnesses to appear in the inquiry into how law enforcement conducted its Trump investigation.

Graham would assume the spot as one of Trump’s strongest allies — but also, occasionally, one of his harshest critics.

Katie Porter, a law professor and consumer advocate, was declared the narrow winner Thursday night by the AP.

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Postal unions plan to use television and digital advertising to stop a Trump administration plan to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

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