Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in the state, was confronted by protesters Sept. 17 at Mojo’s Real Cuban restaurant in Venice, Fla.

James Bryce, a police officer, criticizes the anti-police rhetoric of Democratic candidate Randy Bryce.

With her husband, Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, she has become a target in the president’s effort to discredit Robert S. Mueller III’s probe of his campaign.

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The Judiciary Committee faces a quandary similar to 1991 with a divisive nominee, an allegation of sexual wrongdoing and political implications for an upcoming election.

Senate passed overwhelmingly a package of bills aimed at addressing the nation's opioids epidemic.

The goal is to “improve outcomes for existing L Fund participants while not unreasonably increasing risk levels,” the TSP staff says.

The "high-three" average salary is used in setting a federal employee's retirement benefit, but not all forms of compensation count toward it.

The New York Republican suspended his campaign last month after being charged with insider-trading violations, but state law made it difficult to get off the ballot.

Documents show that many Republicans are relying on outside money for help in the air wars, while Democrats are hewing to a more traditional route.

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Republicans railed against deficits during the Obama administration. Now an $895 billion gap elicits a collective shrug, and few Democratic candidates are talking fiscal austerity.

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