Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters after a private lunch with William P. Barr that the attorney general “enjoys overwhelming support” in the Senate Republican ranks.

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The former Senate majority leader basked in the glow of the spotlight on Nevada’s Democratic caucus, a contest he was instrumental in pushing to third in the primary lineup.

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The debt has soared by more than $3 trillion in President Trump’s three years in office, but neither party has shown any inclination to tackle the issue.

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In their first televised debate, the two Massachusetts Democrats were in agreement on a range of issues, from immigration to housing. Kennedy is seeking to replace Markey in the U.S. Senate.

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The fight between Sen. Loeffler and Rep. Collins has ensnared the three national campaign committees, top congressional leaders and consultants counting on millions of dollars.

The senator from Texas played a unique role in Trump’s impeachment trial — as legal strategist, jury consultant, messaging guru, broadcast surrogate, and breakout podcasting star.

Members of the president’s party either expressed mild dismay or excused Trump entirely after he publicly criticized prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for a former confidant.

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The seven managers who spent almost four weeks arguing for conviction but failing to persuade the Senate are refocusing on legislation and committee assignments.

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Democrats are targeting GOP senators in Maine, Arizona and North Carolina who voted to acquit Trump. Republicans argue that the trial galvanized conservative voters.

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The House speaker, a practicing Catholic, says she prays for the president, rejected his statements and called his criticism of Sen. Mitt Romney, a Mormon, as “without class.”

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