Lawmakers return to Washington Tuesday after a two-week recess in which they made progress in explaining Trump’s pressure on Ukraine for election help, the crux of their inquiry.

Trump acknowledged widespread opposition to the move, describing himself as being on an “island of one.”

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Every poll since Pelosi’s announcement has shown movement toward an impeachment inquiry, but deeper inside the polls are even better signs for Democrats, and worse ones for Trump.

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Several Republicans — Gowdy, Pompeo and Jordan — have joined President Trump in endorsing resistance to the House impeachment probe.

While Shimkus’s comments came amid the backdrop of a House impeachment probe, a spokesman said the remarks have “nothing to do with impeachment.”

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The incumbents up for reelection next year in Democratic or swing states are in a form of political paralysis ahead of primary deadlines. They are least likely to break with the president.

House Majority Forward has reserved more than $1 million of TV airtime to protect 11 vulnerable lawmakers, most of them freshmen.

U.S. ambassador to European Union, Gordon Sondland, will give deposition to House panels next week.

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Like so many other issues, the debate over guns has been moved to the back burner.

Even as the president boasted of a “unified” GOP, some Republicans publicly broke ranks with him.

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