A Senate subcommittee surveyed federal agencies about the impacts of three shutdowns over the past five years.

The Maine Republican’s top Democratic opponent used a photo of Collins and Kavanaugh to raise money.

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In an interview with The Washington Post, the House minority leader sees Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

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Health care remains an albatross for the GOP, two years after the Affordable Care Act replacement effort sputtered. So does the national debt, which has continued to skyrocket.

The endorsement comes ahead of a Senate race in Massachusetts that could be about generational change.

A feud between the Kentucky senator and Wyoming congresswoman moved from exchanges over foreign policy to other more snarky topics on Thursday.

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The Republican triumph in Tuesday’s special election recalls a Democratic victory in 2011, which proved to be a false positive.

The Nebraska Republican was a prominent member of the “Never Trump” faction in 2016 who compared the then-real restate magnate to white supremacist David Duke.

White House aides briefed Republican senators on potential legislative options but gave no indication of what the president is willing to sign into law.

Since 1992, the party has limited members to three consecutive terms as chairmen or ranking members.

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