Abrams urged her supporters to push back against restrictive policies by turning out in record numbers as early voting begins in the tight Georgia governor's race.

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Office of Personnel Management moves to speed hiring by skipping certain civil service procedures and adopt alternative pay systems for some occupations.

Powered by fear of GOP gerrymanders, the Democratic group has started to catch up.

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The established scientific view is that the majority of warming is caused by humans.

The Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee said voting is the “best approach” to fighting Republican policies.

One Republican said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin should boycott an economic summit in Riyadh until the facts of the Post columnist’s disappearance are clear.

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Analysts envision big gains for Democrats in the House based on suburban energy while Republicans should add seats in Senate races, a verdict unseen since 1970.

The Judicial Crisis Network poured millions of dollars into defending Kavanaugh. Now it's issuing an expensive thank you to Sen. Collins.

The party’s hopes rest with races in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida — states with growing Hispanic populations.

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Public Health Service officers are military officers in many ways, but not when it comes to having baggage fees waived.

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