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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman works closely with the administration on Iran, and predicted that Trump would not waive sanctions again.

The president called out special counsel Robert S. Mueller III by name for the first time in a fresh tirade against the Russia probe, but GOP lawmakers showed no new urgency to pass a law restraining him from ordering Mueller fired.

Among the list of problems beleaguering the security clearance process, reciprocity, among and even within agencies, should be easy to fix. Federal employees and contractors can be cleared to work in one office, but if they move to another, they often must be cleared again.

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Top congressional leaders are considering whether to grant a blanket exemption to baseball owners in a bid to forestall litigation.

Graham backs the nominees, while Paul expressed disappointment.

“Whether we like it or not, that’s what happened,” Flynn said of Trump's victory.

Pennsylvania jolted the national campaign for control of Congress. GOP incumbents are furiously fundraising. Democrats are looking at districts where Trump won.

A week ago, Leslie Gibson was running unopposed in Maine's 57th House district. Then he criticized survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

A handful of House and Senate Republicans who won’t face voters in November have been the most outspoken about the party’s path in the Trump era.

Republican Danny Tarkanian said he would seek a Nevada House seat instead, removing a headache for the GOP as it tries to preserve or even expand its Senate majority.

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