The Trump administration has successfully pushed through the Senate the largest number of federal judges than any recent president.

"There are experts that will be able to judge whether it’s accurate,” said the California Republican.

The surprise move came after Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) expressed concerns with Bounds’s earlier writings ridiculing multiculturalism.

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The announcement came just before the Senate approved a nonbinding resolution opposing the Russian leader’s initiative.

The House speaker has maintained power three months after announcing his retirement. But his final months stand to be one last test of his leadership skills.

The Abolish ICE movement has been pilloried by GOP leaders, and they saw political advantage in highlighting liberal attacks on the agency.

Lewis, who represents a Minnesota district that many believe to be in play for Democrats in the midterm elections, made the remarks on the syndicated radio show he hosted in the years before he was elected.

Because this is probably not the last “stunt” vote we'll see before the midterms, here's a guide to the outliers.

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee made the estimate while pressing for records from the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the National Archives.

Jordan said he told the lawyers that he knew nothing about any misconduct affecting wrestlers when he was the team's assistant coach three decades ago.

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