Hillary Clinton won the weekend on social media, successfully using her official campaign kickoff speech Saturday in New York to frame the conversation on her terms.

According to an analysis by Zignal Labs, The Washington Post’s campaign analytics partner, 59 percent of all 2016 chatter during the weekend was about her. That means three out of every five stories or posts written about any presidential contender mentioned the former secretary of State. By comparison, the week prior, she commanded just 20 percent.

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More importantly, this word cloud shows that her extended speech on Roosevelt Island, which many said sounded like a State of the Union address, shaped what people were saying about her. That has not always been easy for the Clintons.

Clinton’s mentions skewed far more favorable than in previous weeks. These statistics from Zignal Labs also show sentiment was 64 percent positive over the 48-hour weekend, which ended at midnight Sunday, compared to just 50 percent during the week prior. While not a precise barometer, it does broadly illustrate the trend – the coverage of Clinton this weekend was more positive than it was at the beginning of the month. Additionally, the five most circulated tweets related to Clinton this weekend each came from Bill or Hillary’s official accounts.

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