Do eyeballs and clicks translate into votes?

Jeb Bush and his soon-to-be presidential rivals are trying to find out as they court the millennial generation on social media.

Bush blitzed social networks Monday morning in anticipation of his announcement speech at 3 p.m. EST, posting a graffiti-themed video clip on Instagram and smooth campaign-style videos on Twitter in English and Spanish.  The former Florida governor is partnering with Snapchat for the announcement, which means information from the launch will be carried to the network’s 100 million active daily users, most of whom are under age 35.

A coordinated roll out on social media is now seen as an imperative for candidates who desire millennial support. And online missteps in the early stages — think Ted Cruz’s failure to snag before opponents got there — create the wrong kind of viral attention.

Bush isn’t immune from this. Trolling website is getting attention on social media for drawing comparisons between Bush and his older brother, former President George W. Bush.

Still, the latest Bush campaign is looking pretty slick online today.

“Ready for a great day.” (@JebBush)

“Focused” — Bush communications director Tim Miller (timodcpics)

#AllInForJeb (Jeb Bush)

Naturally, there were those who also wanted a piece of the action: