Someone on an internal State Department messaging board issued a very specific (and personal) warning to employees last week: “Please don’t share the Sounding Board with Al Kamen.”

The topic was first spotted by the blogger known as Diplopundit, who called it “hopeless.” Probably because sharing internal agency hilarity with “In the Loop” is a time-honored Washington pastime. And one we hope never dies.

We’ve heard over the years that State employee orientations sometimes include a reference to keeping stories out of Al Kamen’s column. But we really hit a nerve last week when we reported on one State sounding board exchange. The comments weren’t about classified documents or embassy security details or passport records … but a rat in the cafeteria.

A source confirmed that we were called out on the sounding board but didn’t tell us much more, other than that most commenters supported keeping the private convos out of the Loop.

We trust it’s not unanimous.

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