Other presidential candidates can promise to make the country better, but only one man can make it great again. Literally.

Because presidential candidate (let that sink in) Donald Trump trademarked his presidential slogan “Make America Great Again!” to keep those other guys (and gals) from stealing it.

(Now, of course, Trump kinda stole it. It was a Ronald Reagan catchphrase, and was, we’re sure, a throwaway line in probably hundreds of political stump speeches. Bill Clinton said it at least a dozen times in the ’90s.)

We think Trump deserves more than a borrowed, tired old theme. This is The Donald. He needs something that captures his bravado, his clear-eyed vision of what this country needs. A slogan that ingrains itself in the American consciousness the way “You’re Fired!” humbled a generation of money-hungry MBA students. It should reflect his fearlessness. And his selflessness. This is a man willing to give up his “top-rated” NBC reality show for America.

“We’ve had tremendous success together, but I have to do what I’m doing now,” Trump told the Loop this week when we called him concerned about the future of “Celebrity Apprentice.” (He also sent us the 2004 Nielsen ratings for the show’s first season for some reason.) That’s true sacrifice. It’s tough to get a cable show renewed these days, he’ll remind you.

Trumps needs something bigger and bolder. And we’re here to help. Yes, we’re holding a Loop contest to find an original slogan that fully captures the Trump campaign. Channel your inner-Donald, hold nothing back.

Until midnight Wednesday, June 24, you can send suggestions for Trump’s new slogan to intheloop@washingtonpost.com. Subject line: Trump For President. A panel of expert judges will pick the top 10 suggestions. Winners will get a Loop T-shirt, a mention in the column and eternal bragging rights.

As always, with your entry be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address and T-shirt size (M, L or XL). You must also include a phone number — home, work or, preferably, cell — to be eligible.

And if you’re on Twitter, include your handle, and you’ll get a special shout-out from us… and maybe even @realDonaldTrump.