Then-Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, left, and his brother, then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, fasten their seat belts moments before departing Miami en route to Orlando, FL., for a campaign event June 17, 2000.(Eric Draper/AP)

If you ever wondered what former President George W. Bush tells his little brother about the perks of being president, he gave us a good idea Wednesday morning.

Now, he doesn’t miss much about the job (it was pretty rough go), but he does miss the showers on Air Force One and the personal pastry chef. Yes, we can see how that would be plenty incentive for Jeb Bush to go for it.

The former president made a rare appearance in Washington Wednesday to make opening remarks at a Chamber of Commerce event about creating jobs for post-9/11 veterans. Not much could bring him back “to the swamp,” he said, except for the one other thing he misses about the presidency.

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“I’m comfortable in my life,” Bush told the crowd. “There is one thing I miss, looking in the eyes of the people who serve this country and saluting them.” And so, he said he decided to “dedicate the rest of his life” to helping veterans.

He described the “healthy debate” (well, that’s one way of putting it…) over the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but said that unlike during Vietnam, the country put politics aside in agreement that the troops returning from those wars deserved support. (Some veterans would say the government has fallen well short in that regard.)

Bush did not mention his brother Jeb in his about 20-minute speech. The younger Bush, aspiring to follow in his father’s and brother’s path, has struggled to balance his love of family with staying independent of parts of Bush 2’s legacy. After initially fumbling the question, Jeb Bush now says he would not have invaded Iraq, knowing what we know now.

“When you love someone as your brother or your dad, it’s not easy for me to say, just kinda throw them under the bus to make myself look better. I just can’t do it,” Jeb Bush told ABC News last week.

Bush 2, for his part, is staying out of his brother’s politics. He’s rooting for his brother’s victory, though, perhaps if only to get access again to those White House desserts.