Bill de Blasio trashing Andrew Cuomo completely overshadowed everything that the New York governor accomplished this month. The New York City mayor unloaded on his Democratic counterpart in Albany during an interview with the New York Times that ran on Wednesday’s front page, accusing him of blocking New York City’s legislative priorities “out of personal pettiness, ‘game-playing’ and a desire for ‘revenge.’” Our analytics partners at Zignal Labs tracked all 100,000+ mentions of Cuomo on social, traditional and broadcast media from early June through July 2.

A month ago, social media mentions of the governor were dominated by buzz about an initiative with Lady Gaga called “enough is enough,” aimed at combating assault on college campuses.


Later in the month, Cuomo was back in the news when the state passed the final environmental regulations banning fracking in the state. But by the end of the month, it was all about what deBlasio had said:


This annotated chart tacks how the various stories moved the media needle: