Bombastic presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to dominate social media as his controversial stand on Mexican immigrants continues to garner headlines and drive conversation.

 According to Zignal Labs, the Washington Post’s analytics partner, 48 percent of all the conversation about 2016 – across social  and regular media – was about The Donald last week.

The real-estate mogul had more than 1.9 million total mentions on social, traditional and broadcast media from June 30 to July 6. By comparison, the candidate who received the next highest number of mentions, Hillary Clinton, had  less than half that at 448,000.

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On Twitter, Trump was mentioned about five times as often as Clinton. On TV and online media, the gap was more like two-to-one. Of course, not all press is good press.

Trump mentions were more than twice as likely to be negative than positive, according to a Zignal algorithm that tracks sentiment. The dynamic was even more pronounced in Spanish-language media as Univision and Telemundo are intensively covering all things Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump doubled down on his comments aimed at Latinos during several TV interviews. “If I get the nomination, I’ll win the Latino vote,” Trump told NBC. “The Latinos will have jobs that they don’t have right now.” He’s heading to campaign in Arizona and Nevada on Saturday. In the heavily Hispanic states, he plans to discuss immigration.

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But Republicans are getting increasingly worried about any taint the mogul will leave on their party, as Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus asked The Donald to “tone it down” in a 45-minute phone call on Wednesday.