IRAN DEAL, STRUCK, READIES FOR CONGRESS’S BLOWS. Iran and the P5+1 powers have reached a historic agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear capabilities and lift sanctions and is heading to the United Nations Security Council for its approval, The Washington Post reports. It is also headed to Congress, where the reception from Republicans is bound to be icy, despite the deal’s incorporation of nearly all the main points of contention: The roll-back of international sanctions is contingent on the International Atomic Energy Agency certifying Iran has met certain benchmarks, roll-back of congressional sanctions is delayed, and there is a snap-back procedure to reinstate sanctions should Iran not live up to its promises. But the road ahead is still a rocky one.

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U.S. DEEPENING TRAINING TIES WITH UKRAINE? The United States has been in Ukraine training members of its national guard for a while, but it may soon step up its activities, according to a report on the Washington Post’s Checkpoint blog that says the United States may start training front-line Ukrainian troops soon. That is not quite supplying the Ukrainian army with the weapons they have been clamoring for to fight Russian-backed separatists in the east, but it would be getting deeper into the conflict that has reignited old Cold War animosities between Russia and the United States, as each side accuses the other of meddling in Ukraine for personal geopolitical gain.

NEW PUSH IN IRAQ. Speaking of U.S.-backed ventures, the Iraqi government announced the start of a large new operation to retake Anbar province from the Islamic State, according to the New York Times. No word yet on how successful the American-led strikes will be, but they come as President Obama promises a “long-term campaign” to rout the Islamic State from its strongholds and put an end to its ascendance once and for all.

WHAT’S THE BIGGER THREAT? Lest we all get too wrapped up in the war mindset of the 20th century in this week of Iran deals and rising standoffs between old Cold War rivals, scientists in a report from Quartz would like to remind you that climate change is as threatening as nuclear war.

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