You never know who you’ll bump into at Fox News, especially now that there are — count ’em — 17 Republican candidates for president.

Such was the case for Rick Perry and Scott Walker on Thursday morning as the two met unexpectedly on the set of Fox & Friends in New York. The show’s hosts were delighted to capture the moment:

Perry, too, tweeted a similar photo, saying it was “good to see” Walker:

Walker has not yet returned the compliment. We will keep you posted.

It is possible the two will cross paths again at next week’s first Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, which Fox News is also hosting.

Walker is sure to be one of the 10 candidates on the stage at 9 p.m., while Perry is right on the cusp at number 11 with 2.2 percent support in national polls, according to a new analysis by ABC News. If he doesn’t make it, he’ll be eligible to join the earlier candidate forum at 5 p.m.