The Senate will try to take up cybersecurity legislation next week if a planned vote to defund Planned Parenthood fails on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters Thursday. “All Democrats and a few Republican senators are expected to oppose the Planned Parenthood provision, making Monday’s vote an almost certain failure and setting the stage for the Senate to take up the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) before senators depart for the summer,” the Morning Consult reports. “But whether the Senate will be able to complete consideration of the measure within one week remains an open question, largely over concerns some lawmakers have on protecting consumer information.” CISA encourages the sharing of information about cyberthreats between the government and the private sector.

CBC TO SILICON VALLEY: Members of the Congressional Black Caucus will fly to Silicon Valley next week to push technology companies to hire more African-American workers. The trip is a “sign that the industry’s well-documented diversity problems are starting to generate new political heat in Washington,” Politico reports. “The trip west follows the caucus’ move in May to launch a campaign devoted to pushing tech firms to boost recruitment of African-Americans within the next five years. The caucus long has maintained policy task forces on issues like education, health care and civil rights, but its so-called Tech 2020 initiative marks its first, most direct attempt to tackle the Valley’s troubled hiring record.”

HIGH ANXIETY: Should the FCC regulate online video services the same way they do cable companies? The agency is entertaining this question, and it’s making Silicon Valley nervous, The Post reports. “As early as October, the FCC is expected to vote on a proposal that would put some streaming video firms into the same regulatory bucket as multichannel video programming distributors, or cable and satellite TV firms, such as Comcast, Dish Network and Cox. The idea, according to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, is to help online video providers become stronger competitors to cable and satellite firms by making it easier to obtain valuable TV programming for the Web.”