Hillary Clinton’s email server  troubles have sharply and unfavorably skewed the recent coverage around the Democratic frontrunner.

On Monday, the State Department announced that it had flagged for intelligence review 305 more of the 30,000 emails that Clinton turned over from her private server to examine whether they contained classified information. Earlier this month, Clinton agreed to provide the FBI with the private server that she communicated on as secretary of state — as well as the thumb drive containing the thousands of emails she has already turned over to the State Department. The FBI is examining whether classified information was handled properly.

It’s unclear whether security breaches occurred. But the controversy is taking a short-term political toll on Clinton, according to our analytics parter Zignal Labs.

Over the last five days, there were nearly 400,000 mentions of Clinton on social, traditional and broadcast media. The former first lady was discussed most on Twitter, where 25 percent of the chatter was about the email server (the same percentage as on broadcast TV).

More troublesome for Hillary, however, was that 75 percent of that coverage skewed negative — a result, Zignal says, of chatter about the email server and the challenge Bernie Sanders’ upstart campaign.

The words “emails,” “FBI,” and “secret” — not things a presidential candidate wants, we’d imagine — are prominent in the chatter around Clinton for the last five days: