It’s an odd must-see for political candidates visiting the Iowa State Fair — the life-sized, 600-plus-pound cow sculpted of wood, wire and salted butter.

Meeting the butter cow is a time-honored moment of political theater and a reminder of the persistence of tradition in the early presidential primaries. Last weekend was no exception, as White House hopefuls crowded the Agriculture Building at the Iowa State Fair for photo ops with the cow, which stands behind glass in a 40-degree cooler.

For Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Carly Fiorina and Lindsey Graham, it was a chance to prove their Iowa bona fides. Check out the photos of the cow, the candidates and the crowds below (and if you’re curious for 25 facts about the butter cow, including the fact that the butter can be reused over 10 years, click here). We’re only sorry Donald Trump never made it to that window.

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Butter Cow! #ISF2015

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Bonus: seeing that it’s 2015, the butter cow has its own Twitter account (@ISF_ButterCow). It tweeted the following on Saturday: