Ashley Madison’s Korean Web site. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

The thousands of names leaked from the cheating Web site Ashley Madison hack include variations on Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton — all with fake e-mail addresses.

There’s, a 50-year-old female living here in Washington with the profile caption “im the prez.” Another 60-year-old man in Houston has the username BARACK1955 and the e-mail address, BARACKO@WHITEHOUSE.GOV.

There are even U.S. president impersonators abroad. A 38-year-old male in Winchester, England, used the e-mail “” A 36-year-old in male in Melbourne, Australia, went generic with simply

From zip codes all over the country there’s a and a and a And there’s a and a

A New Yorker posing as Dick Cheney and an Ohioan as Joe Biden are also among the user profiles. In all there were 29 users who signed up with fake accounts. (We all know the actual e-mail used by White House staff is

There are also nine people pretending to be Donald Trump and one woman in West Virginia registered as

Ashley Madison requires users to input an e-mail address to browse the site’s free content, but the site doesn’t verify that the address is real.

So while the presidents, past and present, (and maybe future) are not behind the accounts registered in their names, other fake ones might be more difficult to spot.

A Bloomberg View contributor wrote this week:

There are 15,000 addresses in .gov and .mil domains, suggesting their owners were government employees or military officers. Each of these people could have set up an account — whether to have an affair or out of curiosity — or been spoofed, set up by an ill-wisher, or picked at random by someone looking at his mailbox when signing up.

But whether those government and military accounts are real or fake, there will likely be a lot of questions asked of the people whose names are associated with them … at work and at home.