On social media, Bernie Sanders continues to give Hillary Rodham Clinton a run for her money. The Vermont senator received more mentions on Twitter than the Democratic frontrunner two days last week and stayed close on all the others.

This chart from our analytics partner at Zignal Labs shows total Twitter mentions by day:

This week was another rough one for the former Secretary of State. A former IT aide opted to plead the Fifth instead of testifying before a congressional committee, and the week was again dominated by coverage of another tranche of emails released by the State Department.

Who could have predicted at the start of the week that #GefilteFish would be trending?

The first map below shows a state-by-state breakdown, by volume, of which candidate had more Twitter mentions from Saturday morning through the end of Thursday. The blue states on the map below show states where Clinton received a majority of the tweets. The red states are states where Sanders received more:

Interestingly, Clinton received more mentions in traditionally Republican states, while Sanders showed strength in Democratic population centers like California, Illinois and the Northeast. But more doesn’t always mean better. This next map shows a breakdown by sentiment. States that are blue are states where Clinton had higher negatives than Sanders. In the red states, Sanders’ negatives were higher. Again, the darker the color, the higher the negatives.

As you see, Hillary had higher negatives everywhere except New York and New Mexico. She represented the former in the Senate; we’re not sure what to make of the latter. But, together, the maps tell a story: Clinton continues to inspire vitriol from Republicans, while the Sanders traffic tends to be more positive. Note the dark blue throughout the Deep South (and Sanders’ home state of Vermont).