Leaders of Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign are slated to meet Monday morning with dozens of lobbyists in Washington to court support for the Florida senator, according to a lobbyist connected with the Rubio campaign.

The goal of the meeting, which is expected to be attended by as many as 80 contract and corporate lobbyists, is to recruit bundlers — including those who are backing Jeb Bush, who as the establishment candidate has enjoyed significant support from K Street. While most lobbyists do not typically contribute huge amounts of cash to presidential campaigns compared to billionaire donors, they can tap into a wide network of industry friends and colleagues that can help drum up  campaign cash.

The planned meeting is somewhat routine — the campaign’s finance team meets every quarter with D.C. fundraisers and supporters — but it comes at a time that some Bush donors are expressing nervousness about the candidate’s continued disappointing poll numbers.

Rubio supporters also hope to attract fundraisers who are affiliated with other GOP candidates, as well as those who have yet to pick a candidate in the race.