CHINA’S CONTINUED HACKING. China’s president may have promised President Obama last month that his country would tone it down with the cyber-economic espionage. But China’s been hacking away anyway, The Washington Post reports.

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike and intelligence officials have noted several attacks since the Chinese president’s visit to the United States several weeks ago, and the trend has government officials considering whether they should resume plans to sanction China over this activity. But there has been no decision on how long they wait before pulling that trigger.

WINTER IS COMING. And for refugees, that is always bad news. The New York Times reports about the steps Europe isn’t taking to make life easier for migrants flowing into Europe from war zones in Syria and elsewhere, as temperatures begin to fall below freezing. In some countries, such as Austria, there are plans to move people out of tents and into containers and other facilities that can be heated. But Hungary is still planning on closing its borders with Croatia – a main pipeline for many refugees and a move that will make their journey more circuitous and longer.

BENGHAZI BONANZA. It’s technically a watershed moment when the former secretary of state comes to testify before the committee set up to get answers about how the administration may have mishandled the response to the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya (or was it set up to take down Hillary’s poll numbers?). But this grilling seems all but sure to descend into a melee of political posturing. And as The Hill reports, there are a lot more characters than just the committee chairman and Hillary Clinton with something to gain or lose by how Thursday’s grilling goes.