Jim Gilmore, left, along with six other Republican presidential candidates at the GOP debates in August. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Remember Jim Gilmore, the Republican presidential candidate who isn’t registering above 1 percent in the polls? He’s now verified on Twitter.

That’s right — a couple of questions from journalists (including us) and there you go:

Here’s how it all started.

The former Virginia governor was live-tweeting Wednesday night’s Republican primary debates when a question arose: Why wasn’t Gilmore verified like his opponents?

Verification bestows that little blue check mark next to your Twitter handle, telling followers you are who you say you are. It’s not available to the general public, but surely a former governor and declared presidential contender would be eligible, right? After all, even Mark Everson’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination was verified.

Gilmore said Twitter hadn’t given him a good reason why he hasn’t earned the privilege:

At the same time, though, he wanted his 1,935 followers to know: He’s still in the race, okay?

We asked Twitter what the deal was. A little more than a day later, Gilmore earned the verification. Happy Friday, everybody.