TOYS, TOO? An industry task force is recommending that drones weighing as little as half a pound — perhaps including some toys — be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. “FAA officials who convened the 25-member task force on drone registration have said they want to avoid requiring the registration of toys. But the consensus of the task force is that the weight threshold that triggers registration should be set at 250 grams or above, which is about a half-pound, said people familiar with its deliberations. The threshold is based on the potential impact a drone that size would have if it fell from the sky and struck a person or if it collided with a helicopter or plane, they said,” the Associated Press reports.

APPLE’S PERSPECTIVE: Forbes’s Steve Morgan reminded readers about Apple’s outsize role in the debate over encryption. “The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have amplified the government’s contention that strong encryption is putting our country (and our allies) at risk. This creates fear, uncertainty, and doubt for the American people – given that most of us do not understand the intricacies of encryption,” Morgan wrote. “Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, was at The Wall Street Journal’s technology conference, WSJD Live last month when he said ‘I don’t know a way to protect people without encrypting.’ Apple has been criticized by the government – and praised by users – for building strong encryption into their newest iPhones. ‘You can’t have a backdoor that’s only for the good guys,’ added Cook.”

‘NOT PROPERLY POSITIONED’: The State Department’s inspector general said in a new report that the department is not fully compliant with federal information security standards. “Many specifics in the report were redacted, but one key conclusion was that the department’s CIO was ‘not properly positioned within the organization to ensure that the department’s information security program is effective.’ Furthermore, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and other bureaus are not required to keep the CIO apprised of information security risks, the report states. Steven Taylor, who has been the department’s CIO since April 2013, oversees State’s $1 billion IT budget. In a response to the OIG’s report, he argued that the department is making progress on security,” FCW reports.