The above word cloud tracking all mentions of Ben Carson on social media during the month of November helps explain why he’s plummeted in the polls.

The first-time candidate faced intense scrutiny last month over embellishments in retelling his life story and questions about his lack of foreign policy experience.

These questions clearly broke through and took a toll on his image. In the graphic provided by our analytics partners at Zignal Labs, see the prominence of words like: “never applied” to “West Point.” Other words mentioned prominently in conjunction with the retired neurosurgeon’s name are fabricating, struggling, questions, collapsing and comedy.

Carson’s support dropped seven points from the start of November to the start of December, according to a Quinnipiac University poll published Wednesday. Carson went from basically being tied with Donald Trump, 23 percent to 24 percent, for the lead to being tied for third place with Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), with 16 percent. Marco Rubio is now in second place, with 17 percent to Trump’s 27 percent.

More broadly, November saw the whittling of the GOP field. In all, there were more than 13 million mentions of the GOP contenders across all forms of media, led by Trump.

The top Trump-related story was an item on Obama’s immigration plans, which was circulated by Trump on Twitter and received more than 45,000 shares during the month. Here’s the Trump November word cloud of all mentions:

And then there’s Ted Cruz, who has been surging in Iowa and continues to enjoy strong grassroots strength online. Cruz, more than almost any other candidate, has the ability to drive his own message through his broad online network. But the race continues to look very different on social and broadcast media. Here is the share of voice on social media for all GOP candidates during November:
And here’s who got what share of broadcast television mentions: