ON THE DOCKET: A three-judge appeals court panel will hear arguments Friday on whether the FCC’s net neutrality rules are legal. “The fight is the latest challenge to Obama administration rules requiring broadband providers to treat all data equally, rather than giving or selling access to a Web fast lane,” Reuters reports. “Such so-called net neutrality is a major issue for broadband providers like Verizon Communications Inc, Comcast Corp and others who fear the rules may make it harder to manage Internet traffic and make it less likely providers will invest to provide additional capacity. It is also a major issue for content providers like Netflix Inc to Yelp Inc who fear that they could see access to customers limited without net neutrality.” 

UBER REPORT IN NYC: In case you missed it, New York City is expected to release results of a study on whether the rise of Uber and similar services is exacerbating traffic. “As officials and consultants prepare the report, City Hall is weighing a variety of recommendations, including requiring Uber and other services to pay a surcharge. People familiar with the matter say the administration doesn’t want another high-profile fight with the company. Uber last summer mounted a multipronged political offensive against the proposed cap on the size of its for-hire fleet,” the Wall Street Journal reported

PRIVACY COUNCIL COMING NEXT YEAR: The White House announced it will form a new federal privacy council early next year to coordinate efforts among various agencies. “The overarching goal is the protection of data the government collects on citizens,” FCW reports. “The new council is looking to develop policy to prevent data breaches, mitigate their effects when they do occur, improving the productivity and eliminating duplication of effort in privacy protection, while building and retaining trust in government, [OMB Director Shaun] Donovan said.”