HERE COMES THE VOTE: The Seattle City Council will consider Monday whether to give drivers for services like Lyft and Uber the ability to unionize and collectively negotiate on pay. If the council approves the measure, Seattle would become the first city to take this step. “A national leader on workers’ rights, Seattle was among the first cities to pass laws to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 and require most employers to provide paid sick leave,” the Associated Press reports. “San Francisco-based Uber and others say federal labor law prevents cities from regulating collective bargaining for independent contractors, and the ordinance would violate federal antitrust laws by allowing independent transportation providers to conspire to artificially drive up transportation costs.”

WARNING FROM TWITTER: Twitter alerted some users that state-sponsored hackers might have tried to obtain sensitive information from their accounts. “Twitter’s notice is the latest amid concern about cyber attacks by state-sponsored organizations. Government agencies, businesses and media have all been hacked,” Reuters reports. “One organization that said it received the notice, a Winnipeg-based nonprofit called Coldhak, said the warning from Twitter came on Friday. The notice said the attackers may have been trying to obtain information such as ’email addresses, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers.'”

CYBER NEGOTIATIONS FINISHING UP: The tech legislation with the strongest likelihood of momentum next year is the conference report for the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, Morning Consult reports. “The bill passed the Senate 74-21 in late October, after months of controversy stemming from privacy concerns. The measure encourages private companies to share their data with the government when they find a cybersecurity threat, giving them liability protection if they do so. The House passed two similar bills, one coming out of the Homeland Security Committee and one coming from the Intelligence Committee, that lawmakers have spent the past few months conferencing the with the Senate measure. The buzz around the Hill last week was that negotiations were almost done.”