THERE IT IS: Four senior Twitter executives are leaving the microblogging service in a shake-up announced by CEO Jack Dorsey. “Media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product head Kevin Weil, the head of the engineering division, Alex Roetter, and HR head Brian ‘Skip’ Schipper will all leave the company, he said. Addressing what he called inaccurate press rumors, Dorsey praised the four executives and said he was sad to announce their departures,” Reuters reports. “Twitter’s stock has fallen nearly 50 percent since Dorsey’s return last year and is now trading below its IPO price amid concern the company has failed to significantly boost its user base despite a quicker pace of product rollouts under Dorsey.”

WHAT TO WATCH: “Advocates are pressing the Federal Communications Commission to quickly propose strong Internet privacy rules, one of the unfinished parts of last year’s net neutrality order,” The Hill reports. “The agency is expected to release a proposal any month now. It’ll come after nearly a year of meetings with stakeholders about the scope of the commission’s new authority.” Among the five things to watch are: scope of FCC authority, new tracking technologies, pressure from outside groups, data access and consumer protections, the paper reports.

DIDN’T EXPECT THAT: Donald Rumsfeld released a video game on iOS called Churchill’s Solitaire, an activity the former British prime minister reportedly used to keep his mind sharp during World War II. The game uses two full decks of cards and a timer. “The task of actually building the game for mobile devices fell to people with actual coding skills,” Mashable reports, “but Rumsfeld guided the whole process using brief audio memos called ‘snowflakes’ … Rumsfeld had used these snowflakes as a sort of verbal Post-It note to address his staff during his time serving under George W. Bush.”