FUNDING REQUEST: President Obama wants a 35 percent increase in cybersecurity funding in his final budget. The Washington Post reports:

The proposed $19 billion request, which represents one of the largest increases ever sought in this area, comes as Congress and the public have witnessed an alarming series of intrusions in recent years against targets ranging from Target and Sony to the Pentagon and the Office of Personnel Management.
The proposal, which will be announced Tuesday morning with the president’s 2017 budget request, is part of a larger package of initiatives the White House is calling the cybersecurity national action plan.

ALLEGED HACK: The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice are probing a claim that employee data was hacked and posted online. According to Reuters:

The tech website Motherboard reported on Sunday that a hacker, who Motherboard said wished to remain anonymous, intended to dump onto the Internet names, job titles, email addresses and official phone numbers of more than 9,000 DHS employees and an additional 20,000 FBI workers.
The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant media activity, on Monday said a pro-Palestinian Twitter account on Sunday had posted a link to a document that contained the purported data of 9,372 DHS employees.

‘SMALL GAINS’: The rocket launched by North Korea on Sunday demonstrated small technological gains made by Pyongyang compared to a 2012 rocket, according to authorities in South Korea. The New York Times reports:

The rocket, the Kwangmyongsong, or shining star, put a satellite into orbit nine minutes and 29 seconds after its takeoff from the Tongchang-ri launch site in the country’s northwest.
… It resembled the Unha-3 rocket that North Korea used to launch a satellite in 2012, but the officials said the satellite on Sunday was heavier. The ministry’s analysis indicated that the new rocket, if successfully reconfigured as a missile, could fly more than 7,400 miles with a warhead of 1,100 to 1,300 pounds, compared with 6,200 miles for the Unha-3 launched in 2012 — in both cases, far enough to reach the West Coast of the United States.