Marco Rubio arrives at a polling location at Bedford High school Tuesday morning. (Photo by Charles Ommanney/The Washington Post)

“Robotic” is a word that will now be closely associated with Marco Rubio.

Even before the primary ballots are counted in New Hampshire, the Florida senator has faced an onslaught of criticism that he is overly cautious, hews closely to memorized talking points and may lack the depth necessary to be president.

On Monday night, he was mocked by Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Stephen Colbert on CBS and Trevor Noah on Comedy Central.

On Tuesday, he was followed by a guy in a cardboard robot costume for the third day in a row as he visited polling places.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio clashed with protesters dressed as robots at a polling place in Manchester, N.H. on the day of the New Hampshire primary. (Twitter/Americans United)

BuzzFeed published a story Tuesday morning, headlined “The Anxiety of Being Marco Rubio.” Author McKay Coppins reports that, “Though generally seen as cool-headed and quick on his feet, Rubio is known to friends, allies, and advisers for a kind of incurable anxiousness — and an occasional propensity to panic in moments of crisis, both real and imagined.” The piece has been tweeted more than 2,000 times.

Here is a word cloud of all Rubio mentions on Tuesday, via our analytics partners at Zignal Labs: