VICTIMS SPEAK: Victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attack support the government’s effort to force Apple to crack a phone tied to one of the shooters. “Stephen Larson, a former federal judge who is now in private practice, told Reuters that the victims he represents have an interest in the information which goes beyond the Justice Department’s criminal investigation,” the wire service reports. “Larson said he was contacted a week ago by the Justice Department and local prosecutors about representing the victims  prior to the dispute becoming public. He said he will file an amicus brief in court by early March.”

APPLE HEARS FROM COOK: Apple CEO Tim Cook thanked the company’s employees for their support in the debate over unlocking the phone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. ” ‘Apple is a uniquely American company. It does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government in a case centering on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect,’ he wrote in his email,” according to CNN. “Cook argues that following through with the court order would threaten ‘everyone’s civil liberties’ and also make them more vulnerable to cybercrime.”

BEHIND THE MICHIGAN SHOOTING: Authorities are investigating whether Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton picked up fares in the middle of his rampage, The Washington Post reports. “Ultimately, investigators may decide that there was no reliable way to predict that Dalton would, during a single shift on the job, morph from his identity as a driver into his role as a mass killer. Police say Dalton didn’t have a criminal history. An Uber spokesman confirmed Dalton had been working with the company and said he had passed a background check required for drivers employed by the company,” the paper reports.