Netflix is really going all-out for the new season of House of Cards.

As part of its PR blitz, Kevin Spacey — ie., President Frank Underwood — joined Instagram and posted shots of Washington, D.C., where he arrived this week to unveil Underwood’s presidential portrait in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG). Spacey’s first couple of posts indicate that he’ll be both in- and out-of-character on Instagram, no doubt part of Netflix’s overall promotional strategy for the show. (Spacey was already on Twitter at @KevinSpacey.)

Here’s Spacey first Instagram post:

Later, he documented the event at the NPG, where he arrived in character, faux Secret Service detail and all:

Here’s a shot of Underwood’s portrait:

The piece is by artist Jonathan Yeo, which posted this photo from the event:

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Just your average portrait unveiling

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Naturally, guests were pretty active in documenting the event:

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