ZUCKERBERG WEIGHS IN: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said he supports Apple CEO Tim Cook in his fight with the FBI, which called for Apple to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. The New York Times reports:

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress, an annual tech and telecommunications conference [in Barcelona], Mr. Zuckerberg said that Facebook would play its part in the fight against global terrorism, but that weakening the digital security of technology companies was a bad idea. “I don’t think building back doors is the way to go, so we’re pretty sympathetic to Tim and Apple,” said Mr. Zuckerberg.

GATES WEIGHS IN: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, meanwhile, spoke on the issue. “‘It is no different than … should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information … should anybody be able to get at bank records,’ the Microsoft founder said in an interview with the Financial Times,” according to CNN Money. “‘There’s no difference between information.'”

BEHIND THE YELP FIRING CONTROVERSY: Talia Ben-Ora, the ex-Yelp employee who was fired after writing online about her struggle to afford basic necessities, spoke with The Washington Post about her experience. Ben-Ora told our colleague Lindsey Bever on Monday:

They knew that I was picking up pennies and that I was having trouble sleeping and that I was cutting back on every single possible thing I could think of. But I was still working as hard as I could — and being as good as I could possibly be at the job.

Ben-Ora said she did not think she’d lose her job by speaking out, Bever writes. “Obviously, in hindsight, I should have expected to get fired,” she said, adding: “The whole point was to say, ‘This is how I’m struggling.'”