SONY HACKERS STILL ACTIVE: New research indicates that the Sony hackers the government said are tied to North Korea are still attacking systems in Asia. “A new report from cybersecurity firm Novetta dubs the attackers the ‘Lazarus Group,'” The Post reports. “Novetta, along with researchers from other companies including AlienVault and Kaspersky Lab, say they’ve pieced together evidence that suggests the Lazarus Group was behind the Sony attack along with a string of other attacks, including a 2013 campaign against South Korean television stations and financial institutions — which the South Korean government blamed on North Korea — and attempts to lure victims via spearphishing with documents purporting to be media coverage of the South Korean parliamentary election last year.”

APPLE CALLS ON CONGRESS: Apple plans to tell a federal judge that Congress should weigh in on its fight with the FBI over cracking the San Bernardino shooter’s phone. According to the Associated Press, “Apple will also argue that the Obama administration’s request to help it hack into an iPhone in the federal investigation of the San Bernardino attack is improper under an 18th century law, the 1789 All Writs Act, which has been used to compel companies to provide assistance to law enforcement … Apple’s effort would move the contentious policy debate between digital privacy rights and national security interests to Congress, where Apple — one of the world’s most respected technology companies — wields considerably more influence.”

SOLID SUPPORT FOR APPLE: A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that nearly half of Americans support Apple’s decision not to comply with an order to unlock the shooter’s phone. “Forty-six percent of respondents said they agreed with Apple’s position, 35 percent said they disagreed and 20 percent said they did not know, according to poll results released on Wednesday. Other questions in the poll showed that a majority of Americans do not want the government to have access to their phone and Internet communications, even if it is done in the name of stopping terror attacks,” Reuters reports.