Donald Trump led off on Twitter Friday morning with a series of uncharacteristic misspellings.

Winning debate polls was a “great honer!” he tweeted. “Leightweight chocker” Marco Rubio looks like a little boy, he tweeted. Very strange for an account that rarely misspells anything and, as we’ve reported, is usually dictated to Trump aides.

Now, Twitter is wondering how and why those mistakes took place. Were they a Trump strategy to throw attention off Marco Rubio’s stronger debate performance Thursday night? Or merely a series of slip-ups after a long night in Houston?

The tweets took off like wildfire, generating chatter and memes across the social network. Here’s a real-time look at mentions of Donald Trump on Twitter. As of Friday morning, “chocker” and “leightweight” had a prominent place:

Even Merriam-Webster was inclined to weigh in:

By late morning, the evidence was gone from Trump’s account, where he deleted and reposted those tweets with proper spelling:

Of course, jokes and theories about the mistakes are still building. Here’s some reaction from in and outside the political world:

Bonus: the mistakes brought new life to the #TrumpMovies hashtag: