We don’t even have video yet, but count us excited: the cast of “Hamilton” is in D.C.

Actually, not just D.C. The performers behind Broadway’s latest hit are at the White House, where they’ll showcase selections from “Hamilton” for the Obamas and a group of schoolchildren late this afternoon.

The visit brings things full circle for “Hamilton” and its creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda performed what would become the show’s opening song at the White House in 2009 (check out video here), long before anyone knew “Hamilton” would become a Broadway phenomenon. (The musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father and first U.S. Treasury secretary.) Now, first lady Michelle Obama is responsible for bringing him — and the rest of the cast — back this week.

Lucky for us, the “Hamilton” cast has been documenting every stage of the process on social media. You can follow along at the Twitter hashtag #Bam4Ham. But for those who want to catch up quickly, we have a full recap below.

Here’s Miranda announcing the trip last week on the show’s YouTube channel:

The journey from New York began last night:

Miranda fought fatigue at his D.C. hotel:

He and the cast took an early-morning trip to the Treasury Department:

And finally, they made it to the White House for some rehearsing (and hanging out):