(Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

‘EVERY CENT’: Apple told European Union lawmakers probing its finances that it pays “every cent of tax” due in Ireland, where critics allege it is getting help from the state. “Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland and Amazon.com Inc.’s arrangements in Luxembourg are slated to be next in the firing line as the European Commission takes aim at so-called tax rulings it says may be unfair subsidies,” Bloomberg reports. “The EU authority has already ordered the Netherlands and Luxembourg to recover as much as 30 million euros in back taxes from Starbucks Corp. and a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV unit.”

TIME FOR REGS? Tech firms and members of a Senate panel called for national regulations to govern self-driving cars. “Major automakers and technology companies are racing to develop and sell vehicles that can drive themselves but have complained that state and federal safety rules are impeding testing and ultimate deployment. The rules will determine when and if a fully autonomous car could be driven on roads. Differing rules from state to state would prevent the cars being driven over state lines,” Reuters reports.

GOT HIM: Ryan Collins of Lancaster, Pa. agreed to plead guilty to charges related to the hacking of celebrities’ photos in 2014. “Though many people assumed that the hacker took advantage of an iCloud vulnerability to brute-force his way into the celebrities’ accounts, the government makes no mention of that. Instead, it says that Collins hacked over 100 people by sending emails that looked like they came from Apple and Google … According to the government, Collins asked for his victims’ iCloud or Gmail usernames and passwords and ‘because of the victims’ belief that the email had come from their [Internet Service Providers], numerous victims responded by giving [them],'” Fusion reports.