Flags of the European Union (EU) fly at half-mast outside the European Council building in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. (Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg)

THE ENCRYPTION FIGHTS YOU HAVEN’T HEARD ABOUT: “Governments across the European Union are increasingly pushing for greater access to people’s digital lives,” presenting a challenge to U.S. tech firms, the New York Times reports. As an example, “this week, French lawmakers are expected to debate proposals to toughen laws, giving intelligence services greater power to get access to personal data … [and] in Britain, lawmakers are completing legislation that could force tech companies to bypass encryption protections in the name of national security.”

ARE YOU SAFE? Facebook apologized to users after people across the world receiving notices asking if they were safe following Sunday’s suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. “Some of the notices went out as text messages to mobile phones and asked, ‘Are you affected by the explosion?’ without giving any indication of where, or how close, the recipients were to danger … The flawed notices were the latest stumble in Facebook’s evolving ‘Safety Check’ practice of prompting users to quickly let their friends know they are okay after being in the vicinity of a tragedy,” Reuters reports.

WHY YOU WON’T SEE DRONE DELIVERY IN D.C. ANY TIME SOON: It’s the city’s no-fly zones, our colleague Brian Fung reports. “D.C. residents — and some in neighboring suburbs, too — could easily find themselves among the last to get drone delivery service … The ban on flights in and around Washington stems from a post-9/11 decision, one that was amended later by the Federal Aviation Administration to include unmanned as well as manned aircraft.”