Susan Sarandon is one of Bernie Sanders’s best-known celebrity surrogates. But on Monday night, she said something that pundits are urging him to disavow.

Here’s what went down on MSNBC. Anchor Chris Hayes was asking Sarandon about the possibility (we might say the likelihood) that Sanders won’t receive the Democratic presidential nomination. He asked Sarandon what she would do if that were the case. Basically, would she throw her support behind Hillary Clinton?

“I don’t know. I’m going to see what happens,” Sarandon said.

Hayes was in disbelief. “Really?”

“Really,” she said.

Then, a moment later, the money quote: “Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in then things will really, you know explode,” Sarandon said.

So let’s replay that. Sarandon doesn’t know what she will do if Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic nomination. Fair enough, some might say. Maybe she will choose to stay home in the general election rather than vote for Clinton.

But Sarandon also suggested that a Trump presidency would be better than a Clinton one. For someone on the political left, that is quite a claim.

The exchange set political Twitter abuzz Monday night. As you might guess, there were plenty of “Thelma and Louise” jokes.

Here are a few choice responses:

Here’s video of the full interview: